Marathi Shayari
Welcome to the collection of marathi shayari (shairi) or to put it properly Marathi Kavita.

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About us


Hello and Welcome to I have built this website with an objective to provide a venue for me to publish my marathi poems and also to provide an easy way for amature poets like myself to publish their marathi kavitas. This website is built as a blog to allow for a famaliar format and easy administration.

One feature I am proud to present is that the marathi kavitas on this site are readable in English as well as Devnagri scripts. It also allows for people who understand marathi but cannot read it to enjoy the poems allowing us to reach a wider audience.

Get your poetry published here
If you would like to have your kavita's published on this site you must satisfy the following conditions:
  • All submissions must be original works by you.
  • You must provide both an english script and a devnagri script version.

To get one of your kavitas included on please email it to me with the following details: Your Name, Contact info along with both English Text version and Marathi (Devnagri) script version. Final decision about inclusion is reserved by me and must be respected by everyone.

For now requests must be made by email. Please send your complete requests for inclusion to the following address: request AT

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